Las Vegas Honda Repair

5046 Bond St Las Vegas, NV 89118  (directions)


From Oil Changes to Engine Rebuilds

The same high quality you get from the dealer, but at a lower price!

When you first step through the door at Hondatronics you’ll notice something different right away. Unlike most other shops, the waiting room is pleasant and clean.

Walk into the shop and notice the same attention to detail. No greasy finger prints, no oil on the floor, tools are clean, it looks more like a kitchen than an auto repair shop.

Wouldn’t you rather leave your car in a clean shop? With great service and a mechanic you can trust?

Hondatronics will treat your car like it was their own, think of royal treatment and that’s what your Honda or Accura will receive.

Since Hondatronics Specializes in Honda and Acura it’s much easier for them the keep up to date in an ever changing world. So when you take your Honda or Acura to them you can be sure the newest and most up to date techniques are being used to keep your car running it’s best.

When your car is maintained by a Honda and Acura specialist like the technicians at Hondatronics. You can count on a long productive life for your car.